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Вы готовы испробовать свой музыкальный слух и способность попадать в ритм? Тогда поторопитесь купить DJMAX RESPECT V - TECHNIKA 3 Original Soundtrack REMASTERED – набор, который пополнит вашу коллекцию треков в игре DJMAX RESPECT V на 57 оригинальных песен.


-8% по промокоду: HOTGAME8
-3% по промокоду: HOT-GAME3
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Состав набора:

  • Диск 1:
    • EGG by Nauts;
    • Fallin' in LUV by 3rd coast;
    • Wanna Be Your Lover by Laurent Newfield & Ravenat;
    • Ghost by STi (유령 by STi);
    • Black Swan by TAK;
    • Out of CTRL by Mr.Funky;
    • Feel Ma Beat by NieN;
    • Right Back by TANUKI;
    • Showdown by LeeZu;
    • SigNalize by Paul Bazooka;
    • AD2222 by CROOVE;
    • Kung-Fu Rider by AstroKid;
    • Bamboo on Bamboo by Sampling Masters MEGA;
    • Supernova by cranky;
    • Xeus by XeoN;
    • Emblem by makou;
    • My Heart, My Soul by 3rd coast;
    • HeartBeat Part.2 by ND Lee (설레임 Part.2 by ND Lee);
    • Dream Again by DINY;
    • Over the Rainbow by Tsukasa;
    • You & Me by NieN;
    • A Life With You by makou;
    • Give Me 5 by ND Lee;
    • Angel by Laurent Newfield & Ravenat;
    • Now a NEW Day by Sui.Jay;
    • Dark Prism by Tsukasa;
    • Chemical Slave by XeoN;
    • RockSTAR by Mr.Funky;
    • Watch Your Step by XeoN;
    • ALiCE by seibin;
  • Диск 2:
    • EGG (Extended Ver.) by Nauts;
    • Fallin' in LUV (Extended Ver.) by 3rd coast;
    • 유령 (Extended Ver.) by STi (Ghost (Extended Ver.) by STi);
    • AD2222 (Extended Ver.) by CROOVE;
    • Give Me 5 (Extended Ver.) by ND Lee;
    • My Heart, My Soul (Extended Ver.) by 3rd coast;
    • Now a NEW Day (Extended Ver.) by Sui.Jay;
    • Over the Rainbow (Extended Ver.) by Tsukasa;
    • Wanna Be Your Lover (Extended Ver.) by Laurent Newfield & Ravenant;
    • Xeus (Extended Ver.) by XeoN;
    • 설레임 Part.2 (Extended Ver.) by ND Lee (HeartBeat Part.2 (Extended Ver.) by ND Lee);
    • Thor ~ Deepin' Absonant Mix ~ by XeoN;
    • RockSTAR (Extended Ver) by Mr.Funky;
    • The Fragile Planet (Technika 3 title) by Planetboom;
    • Lucid Dream (login) by Cuve;
    • Musique Suite (tutorial) by Cuve;
    • Timetrip (mode select) by Cuve;
    • Move On (club disc select) by AstroKid;
    • Pick UP the Music (club music select) by AstroKid;
    • Night Drive (result) by Cuve;
    • Automatic Love (total result) by Cuve;
    • Curvature Region (crew race) by XeoN;
    • Slick Star (ranking) by Cuve;
    • Raindrops (mission lounge) by XeoN;
    • Catch Me if You Can (challenge mission) by Cuve;
    • Artificial Respiration (thanks for playing) by XeoN;
    • Wanna Be Your STAR (see you next time) by AstroKid.
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